Kashmeera Patel

Kashmeera Patel was born and raised in Delhi where she lived until September 2019 when she moved to the UK to pursue her Masters in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies. She aspires to become such a development specialist and work towards inclusive and holistic development in the near future.

Excellent academic performance has always been her priority. A high aggregate in her school board exams secured her a place in the prestigious Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi for her undergraduate degree in Sociology where she also minored in Economics.

Her parents encouraged her to learn about her religion and culture from a young age. She is an active member of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman comprising of the Zoroastrian community in Delhi. Curiosity about her culture lead her write two research papers on the same. The first titled The Creation Myths Of Christianity And Zoroastrianism- A Functionalist And Structuralist Study looked into the similarities and differences in the creation myths of the two religions, the second titled Kinship Relations Amongst The Zoroastrians studied kinship relations through Surnames, Inheritance, Religion, Location and Migration and Membership through Adoptions.

Along with a keen interest in academics, she has also had the privilege of contributing to the community. Her love for animals pushed her to volunteer with Friendicoes SECA, Delhi’s oldest animal shelter. Within six months, she was promoted to the post of Project Head with a team of 50 volunteers under her supervision. She has also spent some time volunteering with The Robin Hood Army. Her biggest take away from this experience was the realisation that while she has ambitions and aspirations for herself, she has to try, to achieve them by extending a helping hand to those less fortunate.

M.A. in Development Studies
University of Sussex
Kashmeera Patel
I am committed to helping out other young members of my community.