Tarana Kaovasia

Tarana Kaovasia was born in Mumbai and brought up in Pune, India. Growing up, she was exposed to a variety of experiences with her family playing a vital role in shaping who she is today. They encouraged and supported her in my endeavors- from introducing her to the piano at the age of five to supporting her when she represented her state in soccer and now sending her far from home to pursue her Master’s. They taught her that if she went after hergoals with good thoughts, good words and good deeds, then sky’s the limit to what she can achieve.

She then went on to pursue her undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at SRM Institute of Science and Technology for which she received the Jimi N. Kathawalla Memorial Prize (as a part of ZOSTA’s annual award function), being its sole recipient that year. During her undergrad, she had the opportunity to venture into various areas of research like space research (as an ADCS Engineer in Team SRMSAT), hybrid electric vehicles (as Assistant in a review paper), renewable energy (project lead). In her third year, when she realized that Biomedical Engineering, as a field, allowed her to use engineering practices to improve the quality of lives of individuals, she dove right into it. That same year, she presented a paper on autologous blood transfusion at the NewTech Congress’18, held in Spain, in which two papers she co-authored were published. Her senior design project entailed developing a mechanism to aid people with partial paralysis to mimic their natural gait. Outside the academic spectrum, she was actively involved in the organizing team of a national level techno-management fest-Aaruush which receives an average footfall of approximately 20,000 people. She was also involved in her department’s association (EEE Association) and went on to become its first Joint Secretary. With all of this she subconsciously maintained her grades-receiving a performance-based scholarship every year. She graduated second in her department earlier this year.

Pausing has never been option for her. She wanted to further my knowledge base in a field she had come to love and did not wait to pursue a graduate degree in the same. She is currently pursuing her Mater’s in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, USA. She aims to contribute to the healthcare system by making quality healthcare devices which are economical as well and hence, available to larger sections of the society.

Throughout her journey she has been fortunate to be surrounded by people- in the form of family and a community who have taught, supported and encouraged her. She hopes and aims to have a similar impact on people.

MS in Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
Tarana Kaovasia
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